Stock Locations

Now you can define custom locations within 4 main following categories .

  • Un-Processed Stock
  • Repair Stock
  • Technician Stock
  • Main Stock

Add New Location


Just provide name of new location and select one of the location type to create a new sub location within that type

View Existing Locations

You can see all available locations where you can move your stock. Rows in red represents locations which are not active any more.
To change locations name or its active status click on the greend edit icon on the right.
To delete a location select red bin icon on the right. NOTE: location can only be deleted if its not used to store items, Once location is used it can only be deactivated

Viewing Location Stock

Once new locations are added their stock can be viewed by looking into stock menu. All active locations will be visible here. To remove a location from this menu location must be deleted or deactivated in the location menu

Location Stock Summary (Home Page)

All new sub locations will appear on the home screen as can be seen on the screenshot above.
IMEI Stock location has two separate sub locations Stock and Office Stock.
By clicking on any main or sub location you can see the IMEI list of that location

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